Jonathan’s has completed fifth grade now and is starting 6th grade on Monday. He is reading much better, and it’s because of you.

I am indebted to you because no one could ever pay the real amount of what you and your services are worth.

Mrs. W.

Dr Levy, i wanted to let you know that Yahli has been on target all year in all her subjects in first grade. Thank you for all your help. If you remember, the school wanted to retain her in Kindergarten. She was so far behind. Due to your targeted multisensory Orton Gillingham tutoring, and your tutor guidance of home reinforcement with Orton-Gillingham Maxscholar software, workbooks, and manipulatives, she is feeling confident and is succeeding in first grade. Your tutoring and summer intensive is the best in the country! Thank you, thank you!

Mrs B.H.

Dr. Levy, in just want to thank you guys so much for all that you’ve done for David. His improvement is mind boggling! After all the tutoring and countless hours trying to make him get it, he comes to you’re learning center where the magic happened. We’re grateful for Max phonics. His future is very bright.

M. Powell, Parent

My daughter is 10 years old and she has been having reading issues since 1st grade. She started summer camp at Levy Learning Center back in June. I am very happy, and what is more important, my daughter is learning and enjoying the camp. She showed improvement after the first session and continues to show improvement every week in reading, spelling, comprehension, and writing. I am very lucky I found this center.

Beatriz P., Parent

“My name is Paule Marie Ebrahimi, Director of the Learning Resources of Miami Country Day School for the past ten years. I have been a special educator for over thirty years. I am writing on behalf of the MaxScholar Program, a program which we have adopted in our classes serving students with documented reading challenges.

I fully endorse MaxScholar as an intervention model based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. As a researcher and developer of new methodologies and technology on the market, I have discovered that none are comparable to what MaxScholar provides. It is interactive, engaging, and meaningful to students in their learning. The content is captivating while addressing reading weaknesses in a way that doesn’t make students feel inadequate. I have personally seen results with my own granddaughter who made a two-year gain within four months of intervention, and which allowed her to advance to the next grade level. In my classrooms, we have seen tremendous growth in our children, especially with a few who were at risk of not returning to our school due to their delays in reading. After going through the modules, these students were able to move on to our high school.

If you are considering the adopting of this program, I can assure that you will see value-added benefits within a short period of time which will exceed your expectations. Further, you will also observe students who are excited and motivated, and who now enjoy the gift of reading.”

Paule M. Ebrahimi, Miami Country Day School

“Levy Learning Center has given me the opportunity to help the lives of students throughout South Florida. I feel a tremendous amount of accomplishment seeing students achieve success through the philosophy and strategies implemented by the Levy Learning Center. I have seen students go from struggling in the classroom, to becoming honor students in a short amount of time. MaxScholar has become a phenomenal educational resource that is utilized by the Levy Learning Center. Students beginning to read have benefitted from the basics of MaxPhonics. Students have refined their reading, writing and comprehension skills via MaxReading. MaxWords has pushed students to another level of vocabulary enhancement, especially with the Latin and Greek roots. Levy Learning Center and MaxScholar have been a positive force in education and will continue to strive for educational excellence in the future.”

Michael Lekness, Levy Learning Center

“Unlike most reading programs nowadays Maxscholar allows you to take your time to read. I didn’t feel rushed and it allowed me to read at my own pace. Before using Maxscholar I would use spark notes because I didn’t know how to read with fluency, now that I can read and comprehend, I went from a fifth grade reading level to a twelfth in seven months!!”

– L.C., Student

“My 4th grader has been having trouble in school, especially with reading. No matter what I had tried for years nothing seemed to truly work. I was in search of a breakthrough. Then we were introduced to Dr. Levy and MaxScholar learning program. During our first session we had a light bulb moment. Dr. Levy was able to find the key and unlock his potential. In less than 2 months with the MaxScholar program and the team at Levy Learning Center, my son has made amazing strides in his learning and process of thinking about words. He’s excited to meet with his tutor, Sara and I have to tell him it’s time to stop working. This program has been our breakthrough into his learning, his self-esteem, his thinking and his interest in new topics. He enjoys reading and exploring new words through Maxphonics and the Clover program. My son enjoys learning new words and it has improved his stuttering by teaching him the correct way to hear and pronounce letters and proper blending of letter. The topics within the MaxReading program are interesting and he enjoys telling me about what he’s read and what new ideas he discovered.

With the help of Levy Learning Center, MaxScholar and the Orton-Gillingham software approach to teaching; It’s Learning made FUN, EASY and CONVENIENT.”

– T.S., Parent

“I just wanted to thank you for all that you and your team have done for my children. I also wanted to thank you for appreciating my children for who they are instead of what they look like on paper. They are amazing children and it has been a great, long and difficult struggle getting them to you. In the past they have worked so hard without anything to show for it and from their school they received only criticism and lack of faith in their abilities. I am so glad they loved your program, at age 14 I was not sure if I would be able to get them back into loving school and excited about receiving an education. Your teachers were all able to capture the enthusiasm and drive of each child and I am amazed. I am especially amazed at my son Charlie’s willingness to learn after all he has been through and I am so glad the public school system teachers did not destroy him. I always knew if my kids were given the right pieces to fit into their picture of what they could actually achieve then they would have a masterpiece! You may have changed their lives and futures forever thank you!”

– Ruth E.

“My daughter Alex began working with Dr. Deborah Levy when she was in 4th grade and struggling to keep up with her peers. We had already gone through many learning process interventions with Sylvan, Lindamood Bell, private tutors and special class placements in public as well as private school settings. Alex was bright but frustrated and felt “stupid” when it came to reading. Working with Levy Learning we decided to home school Alex for the first half of 5th grade and see if she could catch up in both skills and content. Dr. Levy’s methods are effective and combined with the right frequency, intensity and duration of instruction Alex flourished. Not only did she achieve the goal of working at grade level, but she successfully integrated back into a 5th grade class at her original public school and graduated with her peers.

We continued working with Levy Learning throughout middle school building on the springboard of skills Dr. Levy’s instruction gave Alex and she is now successfully entering High School. We are forever grateful to Dr. Levy and highly recommend her services.”

– Gloria & Tom Roses

I just wanted to let you know that my niece got a score of 4 in reading and math. The highest is a 5. I think she did well for the first time! I want to thank you and your staff for helping her.

– Z.V.P., Kindergarten Teacher

“Thank you for all of your help for my son. He received three A’s and two B’s, but, most importantly, the A’s were in Science, Math, and Reading.”

– Dr. Y.J., parent

“Levy Learning Center has been instrumental in helping our students close the gap and reach their goals in basic ways to enhance their reading skills. Levy Learning Center has taught our students to build their oral langugage skills and knowledge of sounds, how to distinguish the difference between the main idea, topic, and details, and how to summarize. These are all keys to children’s success as readers and the students GOT IT.”

– E.M.M., Reading Specialist

“The students who have participated in the tutoring program provided by Levy Learning Center made substantial gains in their reading and mathematical skills. It was truly a comprehensive approach to individualized student instruction.”

– VBW, Principal

“My son is reading more and more complex books and increasing his reading comprehension at a remarkable pace. When I spoke to the teachers at his school, they attributed his incredible success to the supplementary tutoring he has been receiving from Levy Learning Center.”

– F.Z., parent

“Dr. Deborah Levy at Levy Learning Center is smart, down-to-earth, practical, and incredibly responsive. She has totally turned around my son, who was on the verge of failing middle school, and has helped him to graduate high school with honors, and to be accepted into college, something that I was never sure he would achieve. Their program is the best around.”

– D.S., parent

“My grandchild could not read in 1st grade. After attending the summer program at Levy Learning Center she is now reading above grade level, and actually enjoys reading.”

– S.C., grandparent

“I am now in high school. I could never pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). After receiving tutoring from the staff at Levy Learning Center, I was able to pass the FCAT and look forward to attending college next year.”

– D.W., high school student

“My middle school child lacked attention, motivation, study skills, and self-confidence. He was receiving Ds in most of his subjects. After 36 hours of tutoring from Levy Learning Center, he has become an honor roll student and was nominated for student of the year in his school.”

– E.W.M., parent

“After a few months of weekly tutoring sessions, both of my girls have made huge improvements in their reading skills. One received an A in Reading and the other a B, where they both failing before tutoring started. The tutor we used provided my daughters with the individual attention that helped them understand their reading and push them beyond their limits.”

– S.A., parent

“Even though it’s been a short time, my daughter is responding in an amazing way at her learning center…you’ve changed and redirected her future! REACHING FOR THE STARS!!”

– G.T., Parent